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I miss your half smile.

I miss your tired eyes

speaking of your hard line of work.

I miss your voice

accent any American would kill for.

I miss your body

and the way you work hard to perfect it.

I miss the way you brush your fingers through your hair

and the way you tell me you want me.

I miss laying with you

after a late night of drinking, dancing, talking, and loving.

I miss our deep conversations

the ones where you tell me about your life, ask me about mine, and say you want me forever.

It’s only been a little while

but your just so far away.

It’s hard to explain to others

they say you’re so far away but assure me it could work out.

What really are the logistics of distance relationships?

distance ended all my past relationships for good.

Do you think about me?

maybe right before you drift off you wish I was by your side…

I think about you.

when the sun shines, when I hear a British accent, when I’m drifting off to sleep alone.

I wish you were by my side.