What do you desire?


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I want you to be free

I want you to be happy

& at peace,

I want you to succeed

I want you to be full, –

– no overflowing.

What will it take

I am willing to pursue

My deep desires

If only I knew.




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Funny how the time has past

I could of had you

Apathy is what gets me

Uncertain I can be good enough

I hide my cards

I hide my true self

I blame circumstance

and I blame you

I blame you

I blame you and everyone

for not caring enough.

When I myself am not caring enough.

I wish to try harder

To be more

To be a better person

To be who God intended me to be.

Wandering Heart


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Wandering Heart

Still you are not.

Always seeking

Feeling misunderstood

Can you be still

Just for a moment

So my head can catch up

and attempt to process

the place for me in this world.

What will make me happy

Torn between options

Melancholy but

Peace I seek.

Wandering heart

what do you desire?

I want you to be free,

I want you to be happy

& at peace;

I want you to suceed

I want you to be full-

-no overflowing.

What will it take

I am willing to pursue

My deep desires

If only I knew.


Be Familiar


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Drowning in familiarity

I miss the familiarity of past

Not the familiar I create

But the childhood comforts and reassurances

The “everything will be all-right’s”

The hugs

Eyes covered from the real world

Teenage pain

Replaced with the harsh reality of adulthood

Finally gaining full independence

and understanding the


That went in one ear

& out the other.

In the familiarity of my own design

feeling trapped at times

Clarity I seek

and confidence too

To be the woman

God designed

So true

So true to his design

I yearn to be

Because that comfort

is truly everlasting

The HOPE of belief

Nothing else can replace

Come near me Lord Jesus

Flood this place.

Is it only me


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Is it only me,

Who feels that each day we are slowly dying;

That each decision is a matter of crisis,

Fending off death or drawing it closer.

That each decision can make or break us,

Lead us to victory or lead us somewhere astray..

Or is that the anxiety talking?

Each of us is made unique;

Each of us marches to a different beat-of-the-drum;

And this is my burden—

To seek out the best in me.

Opposites Attract


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Compared to white, everything looks


Compared to light, everything is


Dark as night;

a night without a moon.

Some will live their whole life

not knowing the Light

Surrounded by dark or dim-bodied acquaintances

too afraid to share

the Light they know

Who is friend;

who is foe?

The games we play,

too & fro, never let me go.

Hang on tight;

with all your might;

There is a ray of shine, a silver promising hope;

demanding your attention if only attention

you would give

Too often missed;

a fleeting bright light like a shooting star,

far away yet coming closer,

“Let me in!”